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5 things you can buy with cryptocurrency in Thailand

What Can You Buy with Cryptocurrency?

We all know what cryptocurrency is, but what can we actually buy with this digital payment system? Let’s find out.


Crypto, crypto, crypto.

Cryptocurrency is all the craze right now. It’s on the news, it’s on the internet, it’s on the radio, it’s everywhere. On top of traditional payment methods like cash and credit cards, numerous entities now accept this digital currency as a method of payment. Cryptocurrency has now made its way into the mainstream. If you’re part of the ‘cashless society,’ this article lists four key things you can buy with cryptocurrency. Happy shopping !

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Hotel bookings

In a globalised world rocked by digital revolutions, hotels all around the world, including Thailand, have now started accepting cryptocurrencies as a sturdy form of payment. This marks a significant shift from traditional monetary transactions, positioning cryptocurrency as the payment method of the future. Specific to hotel bookings, cryptocurrency payments come with numerous benefits. The standout advantage being, this digital form of payment tends to be cheaper than credit card payments for international travellers.
Given the elimination of traditional banking fees and foreign exchange hassles, cryptocurrencies provide an easy, fast, and cost-effective alternative. It’s delightful news for crypto enthusiasts who enjoy globe-trotting.

Meals at restaurants

Apart from hotels, the food and hospitality industry is another sector leaning into the cryptocurrency wave. A myriad of restaurants have now jumped on the bandwagon, recognizing cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment. From international buffets to authentic Korean cuisine, you can pay for your meals with cryptocurrency at an increasing number of restaurants, especially in Thailand.

Digital artwork

Cryptocurrency’s influence extends far beyond tangible goods and services; it is revolutionizing the art world as well. Numerous artists worldwide, including Thailand, are now selling NFT (non-fungible token) crypto art. In the simplest terms, NFTs encapsulate anything digital – from music to games to drawings, but they have gained the most fame in the digital art world.

Pioneering a contemporary movement in fine art collecting, buyers can now purchase digital artwork using cryptocurrencies. Thai artists, like Pavisa Meesrenon, Kiatana Iamchan, and Nathanon Khanijow, are among the trailblazers offering their art as NFTs and accepting cryptocurrency payments. This evolution not only challenges conventional art collection norms but also opens up new opportunities for digital artists and collectors alike.

Flight tickets

For crypto enthusiasts who have a penchant for travel, aviation companies and travel websites are commencing to accept cryptocurrencies. Alternative Airlines, the popular travel website, now accepts Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency globally. Travelers can search for hundreds of different airlines and pay for the ticket(s) using decentralized digital currencies.

Expedia, another giant in the travel industry, also adopts cryptocurrency as a payment method. This shift allows globetrotters to experience a seamless process when booking flights and gives a nod to the continued mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency across industries.

In essence, the rise in cryptocurrency’s usability underlines how it’s steadily making forays into the mainstream and is no longer just an investment or trading asset. Hotels, restaurants, artists, and travel firms embracing cryptocurrencies indicate that the digital coin trend isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon and indeed, offers new frontiers for commerce, trade, and innovation.

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