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Embark on a journey with us, as we unveil tips, insights, and updates about the gem of the Andaman Sea – Phuket. Our blog brings you practical information, industry news, must-attend events, and insider knowledge about the thriving real estate market on this tropical paradise island.

Get acquainted with Phuket‘s colorful culture and captivating festivals, allowing you to better understand the lifestyle and spirit of the island. Prepare to immerse yourself in insider advice and valuable content, as we cover everything from property investment, legal aspects, to expat life.

Dive into our exclusive content about local customs, mouth-watering delicacies, and breathtaking landscapes, guiding you through the complexities of living in or investing in Phuket, making your experience seamless, enjoyable, and most importantly, rewarding.

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The Essential FAQ Guide for Your Dream Island Home

Venturing into overseas property investment can be both thrilling and daunting. If you’re looking to buy a house, land, or secure property rights in Phuket, you may find yourself with numerous questions. 

We’ve put together a FAQ guide to provide you with more confidence as you move forward. Some common questions include whether foreigners can own land or houses in Phuket, the property ownership options available to foreigners, the need for legal assistance in purchasing a property, the taxes and fees involved, and your options for financing.

Investing in a foreign property market like Phuket can be a fruitful endeavor if you thoroughly research and gather all the necessary information. Enlisting the expertise of local professionals such as lawyers and real estate agents can help you smoothly navigate the process and ultimately make a wise investment decision.

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