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How to Choose a Lawyer in Thailand?

If you have been living abroad in any country for an extended period, you may eventually require the services of a lawyer to help you navigate different stages of life. Whether you are getting married, buying or selling property, starting a business, extending your visa, or composing a Will, professional lawyers in Thailand can make the difference between an easy, efficient deal and a tremendous struggle with bureaucracy. You may even find that one of the first things you do when you move your life to Thailand is to contact a lawyer to help you arrange all of your business from the start.

But how do you choose the right lawyer in Thailand?

The first step is to identify the specific legal services you require and look for available options. As a foreigner in Thailand, it may seem challenging to find a good lawyer, but in reality, there are numerous ways to locate a professional you can work confidently with.

The first place to seek a recommendation is word of mouth. Ask friends, relatives, or business associates, and you may quickly find someone who has used a lawyer’s services recently. Ask about their experience, the need for the lawyer, and how they felt about the way things worked. Unless you have an excellent translator that you trust, you may want to find out if the lawyer speaks English or any other language that will help you communicate effectively.

Referrals may also come from strangers, and one of the best ways to find good help is through web posts and forums, especially those in Thailand frequented by expatriates. On these sites, people share experiences freely.

While people are generally more inclined to post about negative experiences, positive ones are also present, especially if a great lawyer has made a real impact on someone’s life. When searching for lawyers in your city or region, the internet can also be a great resource. Meeting with your lawyer face-to-face can help for communication purposes and developing trust.

Never use the services of a lawyer that you don’t trust, or change lawyers if you sense something is wrong and your professional relationship is broken.

Once you’ve identified lawyers you can work with, the next step is to gather more information on the best options, so you can ultimately choose whom to hire. Cost is an important factor, but professionalism, expertise, and personality are all equally essential.

Arranging to meet with potential lawyers to ask them specific questions about your situation and their experience will help you make an informed decision. Consider each lawyer’s expertise, performance, and ability to communicate effectively with you about how they will approach your case. Look at fees and how they will be billed.

Finally, take into account who you feel comfortable working with and who you trust. Remember, if you’re not satisfied with your lawyer, there are many other options out there.

Look past fees and take the opportunity to meet potential lawyers you may work with. Professional lawyers in Thailand can turn difficult problems into stress-free situations that are resolved quickly so that you can focus on more important things, like enjoying life in the Land of Smiles.

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