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What is the value of a buyer’s agent when purchasing property in Phuket?

Buyer’s agents work for the buyers, finding them the ideal properties that meet their needs. These agents represent the buyer’s interests in the best way possible and often provide their services at no cost to the buyer.

This service can be extremely helpful for areas with a large inventory of properties, such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Samui.

At McGee’s Estate Agents, we work with clients from around the world to help them find the right property to suit their needs. We will guide you through every step of the buying process, from your initial search to the closing on the property.

Our agents work collaboratively to find properties both within our network and outside of it. A buyer’s agent also provides advice and support to ensure that you make informed decisions. Here are several reasons why you should use a buyer’s agent when looking for property in Thailand.

Understanding Buyer’s Needs: Our agents spend time with their clients to fully understand their needs to find the ideal property that meets their requirements. Communication is essential when buying property, and we ensure that your must-haves and negotiables are clearly communicated. You may think you want to invest in a condo somewhere in Phuket, but if there is an excellent villa with a sea view in a prime location of Phuket, you may want to consider it if it still satisfies what’s important to you.

Investment Opportunities: Instead of looking for a new Condo or House Villa, you may want to purchase real estate in Phuket as an investment. If you are interested in renting out your property to receive a monthly income stream, your buyer’s agent will be able to tell you where the best rental markets are, and which seasons yield the highest rental returns. Phuket is well-known for its year-round tourism industry, and you may want to purchase a property to serve as a holiday home as well. Your McGee’s agent in Phuket will not only help you find a suitable property but also explain how much work needs to be done to get your property up and running as a business.

Market Expert of Specific Area: McGee’s agents have years of experience and ongoing training, making them market experts in specific areas. They know what areas are currently trending or developing and growing in value. You can consult with our agents to determine the best location to invest in property.

Buyer’s Agents collaborate with other Agents: Local estate agents may not have all the listings in a specific area, but they work with other agents in the area. Buyer’s agents have established trustworthy connections with local agents that they can reach out to find the top estate agents, lawyers, and sellers in your destination. Additionally, since agents have relationships with developers and property owners, they can find out information about a property that you may not discover on your own. By obtaining in-depth information about the property before purchasing, you can make an informed decision.

You Don’t Have to Speak Thai: Although it’s beneficial to learn some Thai when traveling to Thailand, you don’t need to speak it to buy property. Many of our agents are multilingual, speaking English, Russian, German, French, Chinese, Indian, and Thai.

Property Research and Inspection: Agents often spend time researching properties for their clients, using unique technology to find and match requirements with properties in their inventory. They can accurately point out the strengths and weaknesses of a property and perform a property inspection to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting into. When a buyer goes for a property viewing, only the best, most suitable properties will be on their list. Your agent will make sure the property includes the most critical points that you request.

The Master of Negotiation: An agent’s job isn’t just to find you the right property to invest in; they will stay with you through the entire sales process and help negotiate a deal in your best interests. Buyer’s agents are trained in negotiation techniques, both through places such as McGee’s Estate. This is something to look for when selecting an agent.

Buyer’s Agent Often Doesn’t Cost You Anything: Service commission is often free to the buyer because the real estate agent earns part of the commission fee from the seller’s side.

Sometimes, a buyer’s agent will have to ask you to cover their commission, but that is only in cases where there is no commission from the seller’s side or other agents will not cooperate on commission.

Nevertheless, our agents are committed to finding the right property for you, and we put the client first, not the commission. We also reach out to other agencies if the options in our inventory do not fit your requirements to make it easier for you to find your dream home in Phuket.

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