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Is it Safe to Buy a Property in Thailand?

No matter what we are buying, we want a good deal with high returns, low costs, and minimal risks. Thailand has strong property ownership laws, making it more secure than other places in the region. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any issues with the government. If problems arise, they will likely come from the development company, real estate agent, or seller.

We strongly recommend buying property in Thailand only from property developers with a good reputation and completed projects under their belts, preferably those built to good standards with satisfied customers. Developers of this type usually don’t create major issues.

We also recommend getting a third-party inspector after the property is built and ready to be transferred. It’s rare for a completed house to be transferred in perfect condition with absolutely no problems. Inspectors will know what to look for and can add value worth far more than the cost of their services.

If defects are found, the property developer will fix them free-of-charge. Almost all developers offer a warranty period of at least a year or two. However, they are more eager to fix problems if raised before transfer occurs and the deal is finalized.

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