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How can I determine the appraised value of my house and land?

This information is necessary to estimate the taxes and transfer fees. If working with an agent, they will be able to confirm the expected fees during the property transfer.

However, if you prefer to handle things independently and won’t hire a lawyer, you may retrieve the information by obtaining a copy of your Chanote and blue book.

Once these are obtained, you can visit the district land office where the Chanote is registered and District Office where the house is registered to request an estimated cost. It’s helpful if you speak Thai or are accompanied by someone who speaks Thai, as many government office employees may not be fluent in English.

Alternatively, you can retrieve the appraised land values through the land department’s official government website at http://rdsrv2.rd.go.th/landwht/landwht06_1.asp.

Here, all registered Chanotes are published, and you may find the appraised value of the land using the Chanote number. However, this website doesn’t provide the last registered sale price or appraised value of the house.

To find the appraised value of the building, the building permit issued before construction will have the size of the house in square meters. You can calculate the cost of the property using the default rate of 7,000 THB per square meter.

It is necessary to pay all taxes and transfer fees in cash when transferring ownership, both at the land office and the district office. Therefore, it is important to know the full cost and prepare the cash beforehand so that it can be paid upon arrival at the respective government offices.

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