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Modern Contemporary Pool Villas

Bangtao, Phuket
Starting From ฿23,000,000
approx. $683,000
3 - 4 Bedrooms
3 - 5 Bathrooms
2 Cars Parking Space
305.98 - 456.85 sq.m. Build-up Area
405 - 643.87 sq.m. Lot Size

At the heart of Thailand’s picturesque paradise, in the renowned Phuket, lies a tranquil retreat: Asherah Villas. This exquisite haven is where luxury meets serenity, nestling luxurious pool villas in Phuket, offering not just a residence, but a sanctuary amidst the verdant landscapes. Envision the wafting breeze, the nurturing sunbeams, the harmonious blend of wood, and a vibrant vista of lush greens. The handiwork of nature is indeed impressive, but Asherah Villas elevates this further with its clever planning, posing a formidable competition between the innate and the man-made.

Perfectly encapsulated within these surroundings, Asherah Villas, your lavish hideout, cherishes the culture and traditions of Thailand. The architecture is a beautiful marriage of the sleek modern lines, interwoven in warm wood textures, and polished stone facades, creating the lush, luxurious pool villas Phuket is known for. Each unit springs to life with the enchanting play of natural light and mingles effortlessly with the bestowed greenery, presenting a spectacle of delight for the residents.

Experience the breath-taking breadth of light and shade in your private courtyards, both front and rear, created by discreet landscapes and strategic natural illumination. The placement and variety of flora are not just aesthetic treats but also serve as a curtain of privacy, shielding you from the bustling world outside. It’s an island lifestyle that encapsulates the tranquillity of nature and the charm of luxe-living.

In Asherah Villas, you will find an unparalleled harmony between modern design and tranquil nature – a place where your heart and spirit can comfortably reside. The meticulously thought-out space beckons your creativity, inspiring self-exploration amidst a relaxing backdrop. Welcome to Asherah Villas—weaving together opulence, tranquillity, tradition, and nature, a concept embodied in the essence of luxurious pool villas in Phuket.

Further Information

Furniture Build-in Included
Furniture Package + Electronics ฿1,700,000 – ฿3,200,000 / Approx. $51,000 - $96,000
Recommended For Investment, Residential
Status Under Construction
Ownership Freehold
Accepted to Pay via Cryptocurrency None
Smart Home Technology Available
Guaranteed Return of Investment None
Rental Pool Sharing None
CAM Fee ฿20/sq.m./month payable one year in advance
Sinking Fund ฿100,000 one time payment upon ownership handover

Travel time to Nearby Attractions

  • 10 min drive to Porto De Phuket, Boat Avenue, Layan Beach, Bangtao Beach
  • 15 min drive to Robinson Lifestyle Thalang
  • 20 min drive to UWC International School
  • 25 min drive to British International School, Phuket International Airport
  • 30 min drive to Bangkok Hospital
  • 45 min drive to Patong Beach

Nearby Attractions

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