Neighbourhood Description

Panwa is one of the best destinations for those who are looking for peace and seclusion. It’s surrounded by a good mixture of sea, forest, mountain, and waterfall and features mainly of hill and high mountain. The tip of Panwa embodies a cape that extends into the sea named “Laem Panwa.” Laem Panwa is located on the southeast, 10 km away from Meuang Phuket and around 50 minutes commute from Phuket International Airport.

The area embodies a number of 5-stars hotels and resorts including Sri-Panwa, Cape Panwa, V-Villas, and Pullman, for instance. It’s also where the private luxury villas with a panoramic sea view owned by the millionaires are located. Panwa is notable for its Khao Khad 360-degree viewpoint. Some part of Panwa is swimmable particularly the “Ao Yon” also known as the “Oyster-Bay.” It’s a preferred destination for travelers who’d like to secure a luxurious, serene, and secluded accommodations.

Nevertheless, Panwa sea is also connected with Chalong Bay sea. Looking down from the viewpoint or hillside accommodation facing the sea, you’ll see a picturesque scenery of an indigo blue sea and yachts. Panwa is suitable for people who are looking for a residence especially the luxury villas. Most of its vacant land is located on the foothill facing the sea and comes with a panoramic sea view. Additionally, there’s also an area with lush and abundant forest suitable for those who’re interested in building a villa in the forest near the waterfall.

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