Neighbourhood Description

Kamala is one of Phuket’s famous tourist attraction. It has a curved white sand beach appropriate for swimming all year long. It’s quiet and peaceful suitable for family and those who wish to escape the bustle. Kamala is also a popular spot for surfers from mid to the end of the year.

Kamala is located on the west of Phuket, 8 km away from Patong Beach, 26 km away from the city center, and 30 minutes commute from Phuket International Airport. There are numerous western and eastern style restaurants, 5-stars hotel and resort situated on the hill and along the beach. It’s also where Café Del Mar, a famous luxury beach club, is located. Apart from that, it’s also a home for Phuket Fantasea, world’s first Thai cultural theme park, which becomes Kamala’s iconic image.

Presently, Kamala has become a center for real estate development projects including luxury villa, condominium, and various huge exclusive apartment projects that attracts a number of investors and retail buyers. Apart from the luxuriousness and fully equipped facilities, several projects have been focusing on attracting investors using hotel management program that helps manage property rental in lieu of the owners with a guarantee of investment return or rental pool sharing compensation model. Thus, Kamala is the center for hi-end properties suitable for those who’re looking for a vacation house or condominium, while simultaneously generate revenue from idle period rental.


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