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Kata & Karon

Neighbourhood Description

Kata-Karon is one of the most popular destinations among Thai and foreigners. Kata is known for its indigo blue sea, white, soft, and fine sand, and beautiful coral reefs. Travelers come here for diving and surfing throughout the year. 4 km next to Kata is Karon beach. Karon is a 3 km long beach, due to its straight-line shape and fine sand, it has become a popular spot for sun tanning. Kata-Karon takes around 1-hour commute from Phuket International airport.

What makes Kata-Karon special is its geographical features as it’s a combination of high mountain, mountain range, foothill, and low land which has attracted a great deal of real estate investors for the past 5 years. Kata-Karon have various new real estate development projects especially the exclusive apartments and luxury condominiums which situate on the hill accompanied by a panoramic sea view, while some projects situate on the beach, a few steps from the sea.

Moreover, Kata-Karon also embodies a vast number of 5-stars hotels and resorts located along the beach and uphill, including private luxury villas owned by the wealthy rich which is both for rent and for sale. For those who’re interested in making money from rental or future sale, Kata-Karon is one of the most lucrative options as it has a lot more potential to grow.

Kata & Karon

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