Neighbourhood Description

Nestled in the heart of Phuket island, Kathu offers a strategic location that is westward to the lively region of Patong and eastward to Mueang Phuket. Its geographical location makes it a comfortable choice for commutes, whether it’s an enchanting visit to the city’s attractions or a smooth ride to the busy Phuket International Airport. Just a manageable journey of around 30-40 minutes, and you are at the bustling hub of this international gateway.

Kathu City is flourishing as an epicentre for a plethora of both large and small housing development ventures. The city is not only home to quality international schools and universities, but it is also famed for its exceptional sports venues. Notably among them are three famous golf clubs, making it a paradise for sports enthusiasts.

When it comes to natural beauty, Kathu is blessed in abundance. The majority of the landscape is hugged by dense forests, echoing the city’s serenity. Moreover, the beauty of the stunning waterfalls and rivers that weave through Kathu’s heart captivates every tourist’s eye.

Despite its tranquillity, Kathu offers more than just a quaint residential haven. The city’s seclusion and convenience make it a top choice for both living and future investment opportunities. Moreover, the real estate here presents an attractive proposition for those with an eye for wealth growth potential. The relatively low land price in Kathu, in comparison to various other regions in the vicinity, serves as a result of the area’s generous land supply. This makes Kathu an enticing option, whether for an idyllic home or a valuable investment. Unparalleled beauty combined with economic prospects create a vibrant life experience at Kathu, connecting Patong, Phuket Airport, and beyond.


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