Mai Khao

Neighbourhood Description

A harmonious blend of natural beauty and thriving infrastructure, Mai Khao, aptly known as the gateway to Phuket, showcases a vibrant real estate market. With Phuket International Airport located in its heart, it merges connectivity and convenience, making it a central hub for air transportation.

The Mai Khao-Saku region, positioned on Phuket’s northwest, is home to a strikingly elongated beach, Mai Khao Beach, that arches over 11 km up to Phuket’s northern edge. This beach, a signature feature of Mai Khao-Saku, draws beach-lovers and wellness enthusiasts alike. In addition, the region also accommodates other key landmarks like Sirinat National Park and Sarasin Bridge, a crucial thorofare linking Phuket to Pang Nga, further increasing the area’s appeal.

Real estate in Mai Khao is diverse, with commercial properties abounding. Hotels, resorts, apartments, guesthouses, and opulent daily-rental private villas form most of the built landscape. As a notable highlight, Mai Khao Beach is a beloved spot for travelers wishing to capture close-up shots of airplanes landing, adding a unique charm to this locality.

Moving towards the south of Mai Khao, we come across Saku Sub-district, notable for its privileged proximity to idyllic Naithon-Naiyang beaches and Sirinat National Park. As a preferred residential zone, Saku is home to both locals and expatriates residing in Thailand. The tranquil, secluded environment, rich forestlands, and easy access to surrounding areas make it an ideal setting. As a result, there’s an influx of diverse real-estate development projects, from small housing to luxurious ventures.

For those exploring investment opportunities, the locale around Phuket International Airport possesses a strong allure. However, if you’re seeking a serene and comfortable residence, Saku, the residential heart of Mai Khao, is your destination. All in all, investing in Mai Khao Phuket real-estate amalgamates a blend of tranquillity, connectivity and a vibrant lifestyle.

Mai Khao

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