Neighbourhood Description

Mai Khao is the door to Phuket and a hub for air transportation as it’s where Phuket International Airport is located. Mai Khao-Saku is located on the northwest of Phuket. It has an elongated beach that extends over 11 km up to the north of Phuket called ”Mai Khao Beach,” one of the signatures of Mai Khao-Saku. Furthermore, it’s a place for various other important venues, for instance Sirinat National Park and Sarasin Bridge which is a strategic route that connects Phuket to Pang Nga. Mai Khao Beach contains a popular check-in spot for travelers who wish to shoot a very close up shot of an airplane landing.  Most of the real estate in Mai Khao are commercial properties including hotel, resort, apartment, guesthouse, and luxury daily rental private villa.

The southern part of Mai Khao is next to Saku Sub-district which is known for Naithon-Naiyang beaches and Sirinat National Park. Saku Sub-district is a residential area for the locals and foreigners who’re residing in Thailand. Due to its peaceful, secluded, abundant forest, and the convenience in commuting to vicinity areas, there are a great numbers of real estate development projects in Saku, ranging from small housing projects to luxury ones. Thus, if you’re looking for an investment opportunity, the area around Phuket International Airport would be the best alternative, however, if you’re looking for a residence, Saku, Mai Khao’s residential area is recommended.


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