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Mueang Phuket

Neighbourhood Description

Meuang Phuket comprises of 5 various sub-districts including Koh Kaew, Ratsada, Talat Nuea, Talat Yai, and Vichit. Meuang Phuket is located in the central region of Phuket and is also used as the center of trade. Meuang Phuket has a comprehensive set of facilities including department store, supermarket, school, hospital, restaurant, golf club, sports stadium, boat port, fresh market, entertainment venue, government center, and various more.

Koh Kaew sub-district, located on the northern part of Mueang Phuket, contains a main by-pass route that connects the city to various other areas of Phuket. Koh Kaew is also the center for the Gated Housing Community and Yacht Marinas including HABITIA, SARANSIRI, and Royal Phuket Marina. The British International School also situates here, thus, it has attracted a considerable amount of foreign and Thai residences. Commute to Phuket Town and Kathu City takes less than 5-10 minutes and to Phuket International Airport in less than 30 minutes. Nearby tourist attraction is Bangtao-Layan beaches which is 20 minutes away. Koh Kaew is more suitable for residential than investment purposes because it’s located in the suburban area with no attractions and consist mainly of commercial buildings, used as office, shops, and other commercial purposes.

The center of Meuang Phuket which is the hub of local life possesses a sense of art, Phuket’s longstanding culture, and its deep-rooted history. It’s full of notable restaurants – from fine dining to street food, – big department store, fresh market, and supermarket where fresh fruit, vegetable, and seafood are shipped directly from the producers. There are a number of entertainment venues and night clubs around the place. Key check-in points for Meuang Phuket is the Phuket Old Town walking street which is notable for its historic 200 years old Sino-Portuguese buildings on both sides of the road. Presently, the buildings have been redecorated with a contemporary look and were turned into coffee shops, fine dining restaurant, souvenir shop, jewelry shop, art gallery, hostel, and various other businesses.

Ratsada sub-district, situates on the east of Meuang Phuket next to Andaman sea, is Phuket’s largest fishery hub known as “Koh Siray.” Here, you can find fresh catches right from the fishing boat at below market price. An increasing number of beachside real estate projects started to be seen around here thus, Koh Siray is one of the most compelling areas due to its high growth potential. The quiet, peaceful, and private environment accompanied by abundant forest makes it perfect for luxury property development. Hence, it’s not a surprise that Koh Siray will attract a great sum of hi-end property investment projects.

Mueang Phuket

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