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Naiyang & Naithon

Neighbourhood Description

Naiyang-Naithon situates on the northwest of Phuket. It’s a part of Mai Khao Sub-district which takes around 20 minutes commute from Phuket International Airport. Most of the area remains as an abundant, lush green forest. It’s unique for a countryside vibe that still persists in a big, bustling city like Phuket. This area was slightly changed over 20-30 years, the only noticeable change is the road that gives much more convenience to commute around and the trees that are taller over time.

Naiyang-Naithon has a beautiful and serene beach. Only a few people could be found a the beach, most of which are extreme sports athletes such as kite surfing, one of a few things that help add the color to the beach. These athletes will take regular visits to Naiyang-Naithon beach throughout the year. Most of the real estate in Naiyang-Naithon are commercial properties, such as small hotel and guesthouse, that attract a group of travelers who are looking for a natural and secluded environment. Big real estate project like hi-end hotel and resort, as well as super luxury villas are also seen within this area. These properties aim to serve the higher end market who’re seeking for a place to unwind amidst nature, but with an exclusive accommodation and VIP service level. These accommodations include a famous hotel like JW Marriot & Slate at Naiyang, world class hi-end resort like Trisara at Naithon, and super luxury villas from Malaiwana at Naithon – a luxury daily rental vacation home.

Since Naiyang-Naithon is an area that still awaits development, there’s not much real estate projects to choose upon, hence the most lucrative investment opportunity can’t be anything but a piece of land at key locations. Most importantly, the right type of permit should be obtained prior to the development of a private or commercial real estate project like luxury villas for short term rental that targets travelers who’ re looking for a VIP accommodation surrounded by beautiful nature.

Naiyang & Naithon

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