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Paklok & Yamu

Neighbourhood Description

Pa Klok is located on the northeast of Phuket. Majority of the area are low land full of lush green forest. There’re high mountain ranges in alternate with low lands on the west next to Thalang City. The east and north is next to Pang Nga Bay and the south is next to Koh Kaew, Meuang Phuket. It’s 30 minutes away from Phuket International Airport.

For the past 5 years, Pa Klok is the most compelling areas in terms of real estate development in Phuket due to its favorable location locating next to Meuang Phuket and important attractions like Bangtao-Layan, as well as having a main road that connects to various other important parts of Phuket, making it very convenient to travel around. Pa Klok comprise majorly of thousands of acres of vacant lands. The average land price per sqm in Pa Klok is a lot lower than in various other areas in Phuket, thus a single detached home or 3 bedrooms villa priced under THB 10 million or an ocean view villa with a starting price of THB 15 million can be seen.

Yamu is located on the southeast of Pa Klok. It’s a center for countless super luxury real estate projects, for instance luxury hotel, resort, and villa with a starting price of over 8 up to 9 digits. Most of the villas found in Yamu are designed with enormous living space, some may be up to 2 rai (0.8 acres) in size. 

These villas can be seen along the foothill and Yamu Cape. Apart from the luxuriousness of the house itself, residents can also witness a scenery of Andaman sea view and Pang Nga archipelago. Due to its highly peaceful and secluded ambient, Yamu attracts a number of various luxury real estate development projects. The only disadvantage of Yamu is there’s no swimmable beach, however there’s a port that can take you out for swimming in proximity areas in less than 20 minutes including Yao Noi, Yao Yai, Hong, and Naka islands.

In sum, Pa Klok-Yamu has great potential for real estate development project that can become Phuket’s new community in the near future. Whether you’re looking to invest in a real estate for speculative, rental, or residential purposes, Pa Klok-Yamu is a very compelling choice.

Paklok & Yamu

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