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Rawai & Naiharn

Neighbourhood Description

Rawai-Naiharn, situated on the west of Phuket, takes an hour commute from Phuket International Airport. Rawai is famous for its fresh caught sea food as well as a popular picnic spot for the family in the weekend. Rawai beach is beautiful, but isn’t suitable for swimming because of coastal reef and mud along the coastline. There’re various speed boat services available for island hopping, fishing trip, or coral reef snorkeling. It embodies a number of beachside restaurants and night clubs. Laem Phrom Thep, one of the most magnificent sunset spots in Thailand, is Rawai’s highlight attraction.

Most of the properties in Rawai are single-detached houses of varying sizes – small to large up to luxury pool villas – located together in Soi Sai Yuan, a highly popular residential area of choice among the foreign retirees and expats. Soi Sai Yuan is the key location that connects to various other areas, for instance Nai Harn, Kata, and Karon Beach taking only 5-10 minutes commute, making its price as high as THB 120,000-150,000 per sqm. During the night, Rawai Beach and Soi Sai Yuan will be lit up by various entertainment venues and night clubs which turns Rawai into a bustling nightlife destination.

Nai Harn, northwest of Rawai embodies the world’s top 10 most beautiful beach suitable for swimming. Rawai’s key facilities – school, playground, public park, lake, restaurant, hotel, resort, night club, etc. – are easily accessible by Nai Harn’s residents. It’s a home to a huge foreign community second to Laguna in Bangtao-Layan. Majority of Nai Harn geographic features is a flat land. Incorporation with a new legislation that prohibits construction of any kind within the area of 500 meters from the beach, hence condominium and apartment would be the best choice if you’re looking for a sea view property within this area. For residential, Nai Harn is a good option, however, if you’re make money from rental and future sales, Rawai happens to have greater potential and is more attractive for investors.

Rawai & Naiharn

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