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Surin Beach

Neighbourhood Description

Surin beach is on the northwest coast of Phuket. It’s a part of Cherng Talay sub-district, around 20 minutes away from Phuket International Airport. Surin beach has a beautiful beach side, indigo blue sea, and high mountain towering as a background. Surin is a center for various exclusive resorts for instance Amanpuri, Twin Palm, and The Surin, as well as other premium luxury villas owned by the millionaires. Its surrounding environment is secluded and peaceful and contains various key facilities, thus being one of the most popular tourist destinations during high season period.

Presently, Surin Beach has an increasing number of condominium projects dispersedly located which attracts a group of investors who purchase it for rental. Surin has an area that borders Bangtao, thus owning a property in Surin provide both accessibility to a secluded environment and accessibility to key facilities shared by Bangtao and Laguna area, including department store, supermarket, golf club, spa, and restaurant. Consequently, Surin is considered as one of Phuket’s prime location, thus suitable for investment for a short and long-term rental.

Surin Beach

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