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Strategically nestled between Pa Klok to the east and the renowned Thalang Bangtao Layan in Phuket to the west, Thalang breathes life into two key sub-districts, Sri Sunthon and Thep Kasattri. This focal center of culture and tradition in Phuket is merely 20 minutes from the bustling Phuket International Airport, serving as a bridge between contemporary vibrancy and historical richness.

As former heart of Phuket, Thalang is also a treasure trove of history, studded with numerous prime historical locations, including the prestigious temples of Wat Phra Thong and Wat Phra Nang Sang. A trip through its picturesque terrain reveals a countryside reminiscent of a bygone era, where agriculture dominates the local economy leading to a rather unhurried pace of real estate development.

Thalang city exudes a unique charm, as the rustic landscape weaves into modern life, creating a symbiotic rapport with its trademark rubber and palm tree plantations interspersed with quaint timber homes. If you desire a piece of this traditional lifestyle, Thalang could be your ideal abode.

Looking ahead, Thalang is positioned as the prospective nucleus for property development, majorly propelled by a prodigious upcoming international airport project. As a result, investment interest is piqued for unoccupied lands in key Thalang spots, an appeal amplified by the comparative affordability of its average land price per sqm, vis-à-vis neighboring areas. A promising prospect, indeed!

With the proximity of Thalang Bangtao Layan, and accessible amenities, Thalang city is a sublime blend of tradition and future opportunity, promising a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle to its residents. Welcome to Thalang, the emblem of a classic yet progressive Phuket.


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