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We are the real estate agency you can rely on for selling or buying high-end homes. At The McGee's Estate, our team of professional real estate agents, led by Puricha and Decha, the company's founders and executives, offer a comprehensive service for luxury real estate within Phuket.

We are experts in Phuket's luxury property market and have hundreds of qualified active listings available to meet your varying needs and maximize the value of your investment. Our online marketing specialization provides you with greater accessibility to potential buyers. We are committed to providing you with the advice you need to give you a competitive advantage in the market. Partner with us at The McGee's Estate.

At The McGee's Estate, we prioritize your satisfaction. We aim to provide you with the best offer to meet your goals. Moreover, our services aim to maximize your convenience to ensure that all processes go smoothly. Our services include, (but are not limited to) limousine pick-up and drop-off service, attorney recruitment and appointment for drafting sales agreements and conducting due diligence, accounting advisory recommendations for establishing a Thai Company Freehold, interior design consultation services before listing your property, surveyor company recommendations, and more.

Our Agents

Fabrice Bruneau

About Fabrice Bruneau

Managing Broker / Digital Marketing Associate

Fabrice is the managing Broker of The McGee's Estate, and he oversees a group of talented agents who represent buyers and sellers of luxury properties throughout Phuket.

He holds a diploma in IT Office Automation and has previously worked in the tourism industry in Phuket. He has also spent several years in digital marketing and social media. As a highly active agent, he takes the time to guide clients through the process and ensures that they are informed and educated about their options.

Fabrice is genuine, straightforward, thoughtful, and pays attention to details that make all the difference. He possesses exceptional listening skills, efficient communication, and excellent negotiation skills, which contribute to his continued success. Fabrice's passion for real estate comes from building lifelong, trusting relationships with the people he meets along the way.

Contact Fabrice Bruneau

+66 89 645 0931

Sarah D. Collins

About Sarah D. Collins

Agent / Realtor Associate

Sarah graduated from THAMMASAT University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Communications, majoring in the Faculty of Liberal Arts. In 2021, THAMMASAT University was ranked as the number one university in Thailand and number three in ASEAN. Sarah grew up in a bilingual environment, which means she is fluent in both Thai and English.

During university, Sarah worked in the Japanese Culinary business and continued to do so after graduation. She has experience in Marketing Communications with the team at SO Bangkok, a very fashionable hotel that represents both style and elegance. In her early university years, she also worked as a part-time YouTuber and Influencer, gaining valuable communication and presentation skills. This became a crucial tool for jumpstarting her professional career. Sarah developed a passion for beautiful properties due to her father's involvement in numerous land and property projects.

This passion eventually led her to The McGee's Estate, where she has access to numerous gorgeous and outstanding properties. We firmly believe that Sarah's taste and expertise will enable her to cater to our clients' needs and help them find their dream home.

Contact Sarah D. Collins

+66 86 414 9296

Alina Khazeeva

About Alina Khazeeva

Agent / Realtor Associate

Alina is originally from Russia and graduated from Ural State Law University with a degree in Civil Law. She has extensive experience in providing legal support for real estate transactions in Russia, Turkey, and the CIS countries. In 2021, Alina moved to Thailand.

She is fluent in Russian and English, which makes her an excellent communicator and a competent specialist. If you are planning to buy your first home or sell your family's estate, Alina is the valuable professional you need on your side. She exudes positive energy and tenacity when representing her clients, making the home buying and selling experience fun and stress-free.

She is also known for exceptional negotiation skills, 24/7 availability, and providing first-class customer service. Despite her young and ambitious spirit, Alina has gained significant real estate knowledge and wisdom, which gives her an irresistible sense of confidence when negotiating any type of real estate transaction. When she is not working, Alina enjoys traveling, surfing, and doing extreme sports.

Contact Alina Khazeeva

+7 982 606 8013

Meet The CEO

As CEOs and founders, Puricha and Decha are honored to welcome you to The McGee's Estate, a luxurious real estate heaven for your high-end lifestyle. Established in 2022, McGee's Estate offers consultative services for luxury properties in Phuket, acting as an intermediary for property buyers and sellers. Puricha, formerly a pharmacist, and Decha, a former engineer, have shifted their careers to become professional real estate agents.

Puricha has a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy from Chiang Mai University and worked as a pharmacist for the country's leading hospital for over 10 years. She has developed extensive human relation and persuasion skills, attention to detail, effective communication, and a positive attitude which have contributed to her success. She is also passionate about luxury and extravagance.

Decha graduated with a Master's Degree in Engineering from Kasetsart University, worked as an engineer for over 9 years, and as an engineering consultant for over 6 years. He has exceptional systematic analytical thinking skills, works well under pressure, has a creative mind, attention to detail, and the vision of a leader. His professional and personable character allows Decha to build and maintain solid friendships, long-term clients, and numerous business relationships within the community.

The McGee's Estate is the result of their paths colliding. Puricha and Decha are determined to leverage their exceptional knowledge and skills to help you achieve your desired goal. As executives, customer satisfaction is their top priority. They are open to all kinds of needs and will put their best effort to accomplish your deal with the best proposal available. You can trust that they will take care of everything when you buy from them, and they will provide the necessary advice to speed up the sales period if you choose to list with them. The McGee's Estate Luxury Collection offers a selection of new homes that you can choose from. They invite you to open up your experience with them and collaborate with them to buy or sell of properties. They are highly honored and excited to make your wishes come true.


About Decha

President / Founder

Decha is the leader of a team responsible for representing buyers and sellers of distinguished properties throughout Phuket, serving as both president and founder. He was formerly an engineer but has since transitioned into professional real estate. Decha holds a Master's Degree in Engineering from Kasetsart University and worked for over nine years as an engineer and six years as an engineering consultant for a business that manufactures and distributes LED lamps.

Decha has had a vested interest in the real estate industry for quite some time, even while working as an engineer. He spent considerable time studying and researching real estate to equip himself with the knowledge needed to make the transition into this field when the time was right. Decha possesses exceptional systematic analytical thinking skills, the ability to work well under pressure, a creative mind, attention to detail, and strong leadership qualities that allow him to ensure that your goals are well taken care of.

For all your real estate needs, reach out to Decha, a professional real estate agent at The McGee's Estate.


About Puricha


Puricha is a co-founder of The McGee's Estate and an executive for M LEGACY ESTATE Co., Ltd. She is a former pharmacist who became a professional real estate agent. Puricha graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy from Chiang Mai University and worked as a pharmacist for the country's leading hospital for over 10 years.

She is also the CEO of her own successful food supplements company, RICHA S Secret. Puricha loves luxury, extravagance, great style, and everything luxurious. In addition, she has exceptional skills in building human relationships and psychology. Therefore, you can be confident that she will provide you with the best available deals. You can now work with her at The McGee's Estate.

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